419 Hemp Flowers


Our inventory is constantly changing.

List of stock as of 9/5/19 

3.5g Bags

Ringo's Gift

Cherry #5

Cherry Wine

Berry Cherry (S1)

RM Cherry

3.5g Jars

Purple Wine

Otto II


Grapefruit x Cherry Wine



Sour Pine Berry


Candy Wine

Pine Berry

Pine Berry x Cherry Wine

Sour Deez

Cherry Wine

Sour Cherry

All subject to change as orders come in

We have COAs for all out of state flower but most of our MN flower only has a fit for commerce certificate from the MDA. Next harvest we will have COAs for all flower.  Thank you for bearing with us as we navigate this first year of growing our business! Stop in and see us at our St. Cloud warehouse/store for retail buying or order here online in our store.  Call to find out about our wholesale and distributor pricing

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